Feature in FLOW vakantieboek 2014

Yalos has been featured in the most amazing FLOW vakantieboek 2014

we are honoured...
thank you



driftwood meets ceramic

Yalos in cooperation with ceramic artist Uta Czech
thank you :o)


Yalos meets JEVO

Two weeks ago Yalos had wonderful visitors from Germany...
Jennifer and her family spent their holiday in Turkey and they came all the way up from Çıralı just to meet us for few hours at our studio...
She is a real driftwood artist and her work is adorable...we are her biggest fans

Have a look at her website:


Studio impressions





Peg sails

scroll down for a DIY tutorial for these pegsails


DIY "Peg-sails" ... do it yourself ...

Today we would like to present a tutorial about how to make our famous "peg-sails" 

you need:
* a wooden clothes peg
* a piece of driftwood
* wire ( we use 1 mm steel wire )
* parchment or construction paper
* a blue eye glass bead or any other bead you like

* drill 1 mm ( according to your wire )
* side cutter
* pen, glue, scissors

First drill the peg and the driftwood piece and mount them on the wire.
Then draw the sail, cut it and mount it also on the wire.
In a final step you just glue the bead on the top of the wire and your peg-sail ist ready to sail away...

peg sail © is a registered design by YALOS ©
this tutorial is ONLY for private use and NOT for commercial use
all rights reserved