DIY "Peg-sails" ... do it yourself ...

Today we would like to present a tutorial about how to make our famous "peg-sails" 

you need:
* a wooden clothes peg
* a piece of driftwood
* wire ( we use 1 mm steel wire )
* parchment or construction paper
* a blue eye glass bead or any other bead you like

* drill 1 mm ( according to your wire )
* side cutter
* pen, glue, scissors

First drill the peg and the driftwood piece and mount them on the wire.
Then draw the sail, cut it and mount it also on the wire.
In a final step you just glue the bead on the top of the wire and your peg-sail ist ready to sail away...

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Richard hat gesagt…

einfach niedlich, endlich ein schiffchen, dass ich auch bauen kann!
danke und liebe grüße